Image Pricing - Scapeshots
Please see the prices below for prints that can be ordered from Cheyenne & Aarons wedding.

All items ordered will be retouched and sent to a professional printing lab. Images used for the slideshow have already been retouched and are shown in full size in the gallery. Images are also captioned to show retouching status.

For prints on canvas or metal please contact me for detailed pricing.

To purchase prints through the site, click on the buy photo button on the top or bottom right of the image when viewing it on the site. Prints can be ordered in a lustre (matte like) or glossy finish.

Paper Prints (Purchased through site)
8"x10" (Requires cropping)$5.95
16"x20"(Requires cropping)$29.95

All images on this site are © Dwayne Andrejczuk

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