From the bride and groom

A big, big, BIG thank you for joining us on our wedding day in all of your awesomeness! We hope that you had an AWESOME time and enjoyed yourselves as much as we did! We’re still recovering and working on getting out those “Thank You” cards, but chances are, if you are here looking at pictures, you already got yours, or we’re friends on Facebook! Thank you SO much for being a part of something so special to us, supporting us, and for all of your wonderful wishes! We love you all, and we promise, it won’t be long until we see you again!

From the photographer

Thank you for allowing me to be an integral piece of such an important event in your life. I hope everyone is happy with the photos I was able to capture of your special moment. The majority of the images displayed in the wedding gallery are untouched and will be reworked fully to the same quality of those in the slideshow when prints are ordered.

 As an added bonus I am also offering 10% off all of my prints located on my normal website to all guests in attendance as a way of saying thank you :-)

To access that section of the site simply click on the Scapeshots logo on the top of the page.

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